Back home again

Once again we are in between posts and I find myself unable (unwilling?) to sit down and write. On one hand, we’re back in America, and really is it so exciting to see photos and read about my latest trip to Trader Joe’s? On the other hand, we’ve added another member to the clan, which provides an easy scapegoat for all kinds of things, including blogging (sorry kid). Regardless, I’ve ignored much of my online connection to home in order to actually spend time at home in “real life,” which is probably as it should be. We are enjoying both the familiarity of Northern Virginia, and the excitement of exploring a new-to-us neighborhood among the many enclaves of the region. I’ll try to check in a bit more than the last time we were back in the US of A, if for no other reason than my brain could use the creative exercise.

Capturing this temperate climate scenery on a weekend walk




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