The things we move around the world

Yesterday I mentally tallied up the number of times I’ve moved (not counting short stints on mom’s couch in between jobs or our current, adult equivalent–home leave) since graduating from college. In almost 11 years I have moved 9 times. That’s nine instances of either loading up the car (the worst) or organizing the house for someone else to come along and load up their vehicle (the best) and transporting our lives across cities, states, and continents. While I rummage through rooms sorting and organizing, I always inevitably wonder to myself “how is it that we still have this?” as I pull out a desk trinket from an old job, one-half of a now useless kitchen appliance, or my favorite accidental global tote, a sorority beer stein that somehow made it into the ‘ship around the world’ box instead of in permanent storage with our other random mementos best suited to see the light of day when we finally settle into one place and we’re foisting old accoutrements onto our soon-to-be collegiate children.

One other seemingly random item I’ve been toting around all these years is a bin of college T-shirts that I told myself I would one day have made into a quilt. When I first told myself this, I just assumed I would pay someone else to make the blanket using my disposable income that never seemed disposable enough to warrant such a task. But once we got into this lifestyle and I realized how important hobbies were to my sanity, I figured what the hey, why not just do it myself?

So six months ago I set out to finally tackle the t-shirt project and here is the final product. I’m not one to wax nostalgic about the “good old days” of college, but the satisfaction of using this blanket at night while we’re re-watching The West Wing makes me thankful that I hung onto them all these years.

Front and back of the quilt
A close-up of the novelty stripe on the quilt back (the squirrel is the beloved, albeit quirky mascot of the Alpha Gams)

Speaking of moving, we’re coming up on our two years here, which means we are indeed rummaging through rooms sorting and organizing. My goal is to write one more post from Libreville to show some pictures I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t gotten around to posting. As for my state-by-state desserts, although I had every intention of baking 51 desserts in two years, it looks like I’ll be baking long past our time in Gabon is finished. And if it took me 11 years to transform my t-shirts into a quilt, then I’ve still got some time for this next project.



One thought on “The things we move around the world

  1. The quilt turned out really cute! What a great way to use some t-shirt nostalgia! I pulled out some t-shirts from my middle school and high school days – all with 1980-something on them – and my daughter wore them to her high school and now college. Retro is back in and she has the authentic collection now not only from me but also another friend who collected rock concert t-shirts and MSG shirts in her FS career and decided to move them on. I am amazed at how sturdy they were all made then and how well they still all look!

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