Blog Revamp

Well, it’s been a good three years since I last spruced up our little nook in internetdom, and I thought last night was as good a time as any to redecorate. It’s a bit hard to do any spur-of-the-moment renovations when you live overseas–Home Depot and Michael’s are right up there with unicorns when spotting their ilk abroad. And while most of the time I’m fine with that (waiting two weeks for a box to arrive provides mini Christmas feelings all year long), every so often I get the sudden urge to change things up (the result of not being able to live vicariously through This Old House episodes). An impromptu wall repainting or light fixture swap isn’t in the cards right now, but a little virtual sprucing is just at my fingertips…so here we are.

Truth be told, I’ve contemplated doing a major overhaul of the site for awhile–new name, new domain, the works–with the goal of establishing a broader audience and maybe even making a little money down the road. That may still happen at some point, but for now I’m happy with these minor renovations. I’ll also be starting a position at the embassy soon, so it’s possible my writing may become even sparser than it is now. So this virtual “repainting” is just enough to quell my inner This Old House junkie, which is lying dormant since the show isn’t on Netflix. Otherwise I assure you I would have spotted a unicorn by now.


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