Desserts – State by State: DC

No taxation without representation!
Where Congress has failed, Slate has taken up the mantle and selected cupcakes to represent the District in its line-up of state desserts, which is fitting given the taxation many DC’ers feel when visitors come into town and request a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes. “I can’t wait to stand in a mile-long line with you in the middle of popped-collardom for a $5 flour/sugar concoction that I can now have delivered to my door,” said no Washingtonian ever. Just be sure to cover the cab fare and buy your tour guide a sweet treat or two (or dozen) for the trouble.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not really a cake person. But cupcakes? I’m totally down for those. Appropriately, so is our kiddo, who devoured this Winnie the Pooh-themed confection for her birthday. Perhaps the willy, nilly, silly old bear had something to do with it, but I’d like to think my go-to recipe from Joy the Baker was the main pull. I always leave out the rose water and ignore the organic parts but even so they are delicious…and dare I say it, better than their Georgetown cousins? Perhaps that borders on culinary treason, but something tells me DC residents won’t mind such disloyalty if it means one line less to stand in during tourist season.

State by State Desserts: Washington, D.C. – Cupcakes

Rank: Fantastic: Thank you, DC, for sharing this dessert with the rest of us!

This recipe for my all-time favorite cupcakes with the best buttercream frosting EVAH is from Joy the Baker.


Found a reason to show a bit more of our house.
Found a reason to show a little more of our house.

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