Up all night gettin’ crafty

One thing I wish I had done more of when we were in China was photograph our home. Not that there was much to see, but since this lifestyle lends itself to a vast array of living quarters, I think it would be fun to capture those spaces and how our things look in them. In China I didn’t have a sewing machine, and the decorations for sale were mostly…well, not my style. So I didn’t spend too much time trying to transform our ecru landscape (even the couches!) into something homey. Here we almost have the opposite problem. Like most Foreign Service houses, the walls are white, but everything else is brown…dark, dreary brown (even the couches!). Armed with a sewing machine this time around, I decided to put my new found crafting skills to good use by making covers for the dining room chairs. I agonized over which fabric to buy (How will that pair with the artwork? I’m actually not too attached to the artwork so will the fabric go well with whatever we find to replace it? It looks great on the computer screen but will it look the same in real life? Why can’t the mail come faster so that all of these life-altering questions are but a moot point…who has time to wait for swatches?!?).

Agonized, I tell you.

After days of back and forth, I took the safe route and went with a thick natural canvas (aka: white). I haven’t yet decided if this was a genius move because I’ll be able to bleach them when necessary or a rookie mom mistake because they’ll inevitably become filthy no matter how often I clean them. So far they’ve managed to maintain their brilliance which hopefully means I will be deemed a crafting Einstein when it’s all said and done. One move I know I will not live to regret was putting a layer of iron-on vinyl on top of the kiddo’s chair cover. Maybe I’m not a genius, but even I know that life is all around easier when you don’t have to scrub.

I decided not to compile a tutorial mainly because I am quite green at this and need a tutorial myself, but in case you are interested in making your own covers, check out my Pinterest creative board for links to tutorials and inspiration photos.

Before and After
Before and After
I might feel just a teensy proud that I successfully created an inverted pleat. Also that I now know what an inverted pleat is.
I might feel just a teensy bit proud that I successfully created an inverted pleat. Also that I now know what an inverted pleat is.



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