Desserts – State by State: South Carolina

Well, I had every intention of writing this two weeks ago, but vacation planning got the best of me. We’ve spent the last two weeks abroad (which we are living abroad, so does that make vacations “abroad abroad”? I digress…), and now I’m getting back to the blogging grind. I’ll be posting vacay pics later, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with South Carolina’s gift to the dessert world.

IMGP6304 IMGP6307 IMGP6344

We debated the rating for this one. Seeing as how we aren’t big cake people, we weren’t sure if this garnered the highest honors. In the end we decided it was our personal aversions to this dessert category, and not the dessert itself, that clouded our judgment. In the end, this deceptively rich dessert is worth the work of making. It’s especially great with fresh coconut milk and fresh roasted coconut flakes! I decided not to post the recipe (see aversion mentioned above), but I did include a link to the recipe I used. If you do decide to give it a whirl, consider subbing marscapone for the cream cheese. Cream cheese can be hard to come by around these parts, so marscapone was my go-to for the frosting. It was delicious! Oh and another note, this cake is perfect for those who may be decorationally challenged (guilty). Those coconut flakes cover a multitude of sins.

State by State Desserts: South Carolina – Coconut cake

Fantastic: Thank you, South Carolina, for sharing this dessert with the rest of us!

Recipe from Completely Delicious



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