Around Town

I recently took a driving tour through downtown Libreville, which was set up by the CLO for all of the recent arrivals to the embassy. I’m so glad it was a.) arranged for us and b.) a driving tour because I don’t know if I could ever get to many of these places on my own, and even if I did I’m not sure I’d ever be able to park because, um helloooo…..

Pedestrians have the right of way, no?
Pedestrians have the right of way, no?

Somewhere below all those feet and in between all the colorful umbrellas is a road…a narrow, just barely large enough for our conspicuous passenger van full of foreigners, road. As soon as we turned on this street, all of the Americans, accustomed to large, empty and sidewalked highways, gaped at the throng and asked “we’re driving…through that??” Our tour guide had to assure us that this was indeed a road and that the masses would part for us. We made it safely to the end, all the while feeling embarrassed that we were somehow infringing upon the natural order of the day. Fortunately, the pedestrians didn’t seem too perturbed to make way for us.

We also were fortunate enough to see a wedding procession while on our tour. When a wedding party drives through the streets, they all hang out of the windows and sunroofs, honking their horns along the way. And at weddings all of the guests wear outfits of the same fabric, chosen by the couple, so it’s possible these ladies are guests, rather than bridesmaids…

Wedding Partaaaaayyy!
Wedding Partaaaaayyy!

Some of the other sites on our tour…

Libreville's Jos. A. Bank (or JOSeph Aaaa. Bank! as I like to say. Damn you, commercials!
Libreville’s Jos. A. Bank…or JOSeph Aaaa. Bank! as I like to say. Damn you, commercials!
Baby carrier
Baby carrier

It’s interesting to see what parts of American culture make their way across the globe. Outside of this school we have a painting of Dora…

IMGP5424Mickey and Donald…

And last but certainly not least, Tom and…wait, what?


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