My quest to represent America…in desserts

Yesterday, I came across Slate’s list of each state’s unofficial dessert, and it got me thinking…what better way to represent America abroad than by making sweets? After all, diplomacy is all about exchanging cultural traditions, and while I’m not a diplomat, I am feeding one so really it’s my civic duty to share this part of Americana with the world (or rather the people who just happen to be at an event where I bring food, and you, my faithful readers…all five of you). So in an effort to indulge my incessant sweet tooth further American diplomatic relations, I have accepted the monumental challenge of making 51 different desserts (even DC has one!) over the next two years, and of course, writing about it here. I imagine there will be some additions to the look of the blog and perhaps some criteria for ranking the desserts…more to come on that front. For now, just know that come hell or high water, peach cobbler and blueberry pie WILL be made in Gabon. And Colorado’s dessert WILL NOT have weed baked in (you’ll just have to take Maureen’s account if you’re looking for an authentic review). Now to figure out how to ship peaches and blueberries…




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