Greetings from Gabon!

One child, one and half years and two continents later…and we’re here! We arrived nearly a month ago, and although that sounds like awhile, in Foreign Service land that isn’t nearly enough time to feel settled. We’re still without permanent internet (hence the lack of blogging), our large shipment from the US has yet to arrive (hurry up, mouthwash and chocolate chips!!) and due to a shipment delay with our car, we were recently given a rental car to drive–which includes, among other accouterments, a manual transmission, for which we were unprepared to drive (oh the kids these days and their pampered automatics…yes, embarrasingly we are those ‘kids’ – or Ben was until last weekend when he got a crash course in stick-driving. As for me, let’s just say I’m going to have a hard enough time driving my own car in a new country…I think I’ll opt to be carted around a little longer!).

But no bother because we get to walk on the beach! Nearly every day!

Enjoying long walks on the beach
Enjoying long walks on the beach

It’s dry season here, and the weather is incredibly breezy and pleasant. So when the tide is low, I make my way down the beach for an hour or so. The city is built entirely too close to the shore, and during high tide there’s hardly a beach at all. So if you want to walk on the beach, you keep up with the tides to know when low tide occurs. Unfortunately, the beach isn’t very clean (developing world problems), but I’ve just ordered a pair of five finger shoes and will soon be one of those odd looking yuppies jogging down the beach (first world problems).




One thought on “Greetings from Gabon!

  1. Carol

    Are those your footprints in the sand? I don’t know where you find you Peanut pictures, but they are great! Hugs to our precious grandaughter!

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