Getting Ready

We are currently in the throws of heading back overseas. Most of our things have been packed and shipped (including our car!), we’re clamoring to make final doctor, vaccination, dentist, and various and other sundry appointments, and we’re making the rounds of brunches and dinners with old friends before our only resort to catching up is through Facebook and email. Yes, summertime is in full swing, which in our world means moving time has arrived. And while spending a year in the States has been, on one hand, homey and comfortable, nothing makes me more antsy to get the heck out of dodge than cramming a tiny apartment full of a two-year stash of home goods (hello there, 40 bottles of Listerine) and then moving said stash, along with 90 percent of our regular things out. Currently, all that’s left are some every day kitchen items, a few hobby items (does Apple TV count as a ‘hobby?’) and of course all of the baby’s stuff. A few days before we leave for good, all of that will be taken as well (and we will have to figure out how to feed a baby without a highchair…surely there’s an app for that), and we’ll be in the midst of true Foreign Service limbo–in temporary quarters with none of your own things. This is the time when emotional preparedness is key–when the excitement to start the journey supersedes any frustrations that arise with not feeling settled. And after months of preparation, I can say, without a doubt, we are emotionally ready for the next adventure!

I never thought I’d utter the words, ‘it smells like an auto body shop in here.’ Then I stored a set of tires in the kitchen.

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