It Pays to Save: the Month-Long Belated Honeymoon

We’re firm believers in the adage “good things come to those who wait.”

And wait we did. After 2+ years of dedicated hoarding of both funds and vacation time, we finally set sail on our much belated honeymoon. So no, I haven’t been slacking on the blog front, I’m just not the type to blog while traveling (using “good internet op-sec” over here…and apparently watching too much AFN).

For the past month, we’ve been doing some extensive roughing it/relaxing it in Asia. Call it the yin & yang of vacay. We first ventured to Bhutan, known as “the last Shangri La.” Perhaps you’ve heard of the country that measures Gross Domestic Happiness? Yep, that’s where we were. There we saw breathtaking views, hiked rugged terrain and experienced a wonderful culture that has managed to maintain its individuality while slowly adapting to the modernization that you and I take for granted. After two weeks of roughing it, we then headed to sunny Bintan, Indonesia, where we chilled by the pool and basked in the luxury that only a 5-star resort can provide. P.O.S.H.!

So over the next few days, as I sift through the ba-jillion photos we took, I’ll post little glimpses of our travels. I hope you enjoy!


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