Quirky Shopping: Pets & Plants

I’ve mentioned before that because Guangzhou is an industrial hub and conducts a ton of wholesale business, huge wholesale markets exist across the city. Everything from gems to kitchen supplies possess their very own markets. So of course pets and plants cannot be left out of the mix! While we don’t have a yard (and come to think of it, neither do 99.9% of GZ’ers), it’s worth the trip to see the huge variety of plants (with accompanying wacky yard art) and pets this market has to offer. Especially when it comes to pets, it seems anything goes. We saw Huskies, albino turtles and even baby sharks on sale. I’m not sure what kind of tank you need for a baby shark, but I’m pretty sure the management office wouldn’t allow it in our apartment. But perhaps they’d be OK with this guy…

It’s Zuckerman’s famous pig!

We jokingly (ok maybe half jokingly) discussed the notion of buying a pig as a pet, with the justification that contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually both clean and intelligent. We mused about the possibility of house-training it (we decided this indeed could be possible) and wondered what type of leash would work best for said pig (harness version, hands down). And just think how cute it’d be in fun little pet outfits–to go with its little hoof shoes, of course; we couldn’t have the equivalent of small stilettos clicking on the floors all day! But then reality set in, and we decided that perhaps the pig would be best suited for another hopeless sucker loving family.

Here’s but a small fraction of what this market has to offer…

GZ’s Hanging Gardens
Some of the crazy yard art for sale. I’m pretty sure this teapot could serve the entire population of Wyoming.
You spin me right round baby right round…
Rock me mama like a water wheel…
This market contains pretty much every type of turtle imaginable. The big one is on its back so it won’t get away. Sad, I know.
Escape from Alcatraz

While I suspect many of the items here are sold for commercial purposes (seriously, how many private homeowners could want a giant waterwheel?!), this market, unlike some of its other wholesale cousins in the city, is more than willing to sell one or two of anything (sure beats buying 20 baby sharks). Many families come here to buy plants, aquariums, exotic fish, cats, dogs, turtles, salamanders…and I guess even pigs.


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