Hong Kong Style: Chillin’ on the High Seas

One of the biggest perks (ok who am I kidding, THE biggest perk) of living in Guangzhou is being so close to Hong Kong. I’m not sure I can even begin to do it justice…it’s posh cosmo, scenic wonder, rich culture and home away from home all wrapped into one orderly, easy-to-navigate city. Ideal comes to mind, although I’m sure HK’ers would be quick to provide an anecdote or two as to its flaws. However, I prefer to take on the proverbial aunt role toward Hong Kong…bask in its awesomeness and then leave it before I encounter any of its tantrums. This equates to many action-packed weekend trips to my ideal city.

Our most recent trip included what should be a must for any big group traveling to HK during the summer…a junk rental! We first did this about a month ago and loved it so much we all decided to give it another go. This time I remembered to take (and use) my camera, although I forgot to use it once we were actually anchored and swimming off the coast. Womp, womp, womp…

The view from the boat as we leave the harbor
High class Hong Kong. No, our boat was not as nice as this baller’s.
“Business. Always business.” (extra cool points to those who get it…no cheating!)

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