Fruit Finds: Cantaloupes fit for a king

Think groceries are expensive in the US?

I like to imagine that in the center of each melon lies a Tiffany’s orange sapphire & diamond ring, molded together by the sands of time

A recent trip to GZ’s upscale supermarket led me to discover what just may be the most expensive fruit I will ever lay eyes on. We initially thought there was an error on the price tag; perhaps they inserted an extra 0 by mistake? But no, the stock boy nearby confirmed that these cantaloupes were indeed 680 kuai. That’s $106!! When I asked why, he said they were imported from Japan. Aaaah, now I get it. Just kidding, I was still just as shocked and dumbfounded.

So I researched a bit online, and as it turns out, in Japan some farmers painstakingly cultivate perfectly round, extremely sweet fruit, widely purchased by consumers to give as gifts during certain holidays (check out this article for a great read about the luxury fruit market in Japan). Cantaloupes and other melons are particularly common choices for luxury fruit gifts. One of these holidays occurs during summer, so I assume the grocer imported a few for their Japanese patrons.

While I appreciate the time and care devoted to cultivating these “perfect” fruits, with that price tag I’ll opt for the $1 Chinese version any day of the week!


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