U.S. Takes on Dragon Boat Racing

It’s summer in Guangzhou which means heat, humidity and dragon boat races! The Dragon Boat Festival is an official holiday in China when dozens of races take place across the country over a 2-3 week period (for more info on the history of the Dragon Boat Festival click here). For the first time in history (we think, at least) the US Consulate fielded a team to compete with other rowing teams in the “international division” of the race. Little did we know that the “international” teams consisted of Hong Kong’s dragon boat team (read: insanely good), Macau’s dragon boat team (yet again…basically pros) and others who do this year-round. With only a handful of practices under our belt and noting the enormous odds stacked against us, we promptly decided a win would be a solid finish (i.e. no overturns, crashes into other boats, etc.)…and a double win if we didn’t come in last. So by that definition, the US secured a solid win in its inaugural run in the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race! Alas the double win eluded us this year, as seen in the below photo.

Ben took a sequence of photos to document our plight, then I did a shoddy edit job to make a panoramic. There’s the competition, neck and neck….and then there’s us. A for effort!
That’s me on the second row, far side.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Takes on Dragon Boat Racing

  1. Carol

    Resounding effort for the first go-round and definitively successful seeing as how ya’ll made it to the finish line! Congratulations – next year will be better.

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